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The web has come a long way

Before, the last website I created was maybe 6 years ago. I have of course been staying in touch with technology and developments in web applications, but I gotta's a lot easier these days.

Aside from my Web Office Suite I mentioned yesterday, in 3 days I was able to set up a whole website (thanks WordPress), complete with full-fledged visitor statistics for pages (via Google Analytics) and for RSS feeds (via FeedBurner). I have my Amazon Associates account all hooked up, as well as the nifty Snap Shots link highlighter (I could easily add Google Ads to the site too if I wanted). Not to mention that the look and feel of the site would have taken me forever to do...thanks to a talented and generous designer I stumbled upon (and probably will never meet) called UtomBox it took about 2 hours to set up and tweak to my liking.

Oh, and when the time comes for me to sell software through this site, I'll just hook up Google Checkout and/or Paypal, which will probably take a whole hour to do. 🙂

And of course all of these services are web-native, so I can access them from anywhere, they are always updated and all that good and powerful stuf. I tell you, there's no going back.

The Web has come a long way in the last 5 years, it's good to be back.*


P.S.The fact that all of these services are free freaks me out a bit.

*Of course I never really left the web, I was just developing networked applications instead of websites or traditional web apps.

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