Sketchnotes from Mobile UX Summit 2013

Hi, all. Ben here again with more sketchnotes! (Here is a link to the first set of sketchnotes I posted.) Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in the Mobile UX Summit, put on by Environments for Humans and Rosenfeld Media. It featured a fantastic lineup of speakers, all focused on the nuances of designing for mobile experiences.

Industrial-Designers One of the biggest takeaways for me was from Josh Clark's talk. He pointed out that touch devices have fundamentally changed who we are and what we do as interface designers. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are also now industrial designers. Ergonomics is a huge part of what we do, and must be taken into consideration when we craft our designs.

Fonts-have-voice Another main point that resonated with me was from Jason Teague. He made it clear that we have to elevate the importance of typography. In many mobile designs, the typography and layout are some of the only design considerations you can impose on an interface to make sure that it convey the proper emotions to your users. "Mobile first" has become a cultural buzz-phrase, but we should perhaps start with typography first before tackling more of the visual design.

User-testing Finally, from Theresa Neil's case study, it was clear immediate user testing is an absolute must. This is something that we really care about here at Balsamiq, and want to make as easy as possible. We have recently added some features to make this easier, and have even more planned. I loved hearing about designers getting users to interact with their wireframes before even moving on to visual design. Taking an approach like that will save you incredible amounts of time and money down the road.

There was so much more in this conference that I loved, and hopefully my full set of sketchnotes will help you to benefit from it as well.

(Click to enlarge; ← and → to move through the images)
Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-1 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-2 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-3 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-4 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-5 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-6 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-7 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-8 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-9 Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes-10

And here is a PDF with the entire set: Mobile-UX-Summit-Sketchnotes.pdf.

How has your design process changed as you have focused more on mobile experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

Sketchnotes from GetSatisfaction Conference

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Hi, I'm Ben. This is my first blog post for Balsamiq, so I thought I would do a brief introduction. I am a long-time user and fanboy of Balsamiq, and starting this last April, I am partnering with Balsamiq to help ensure the software is of as high quality as possible. As part of my responsibilities around testing, I monitor the community forum and report issues that come in. This means that I spend a LOT of time in the GetSatisfaction community. In May, GetSatisfaction had their first annual customer success summit. I went to connect with other people working with online communities and to hear about what is coming.

We thought it would be fun to share with you the notes that I took at the conference. I am an avid sketchnoter, and it can be kind of fun to look at sketchnotes, even if you were not part of the event. Hopefully you enjoy these!

(If you've never heard of sketchnotes before, Mike Rohde's book: The Sketchnote Handbook is a great place to start!)

Sketchnotes for GetSatisfaction Conference 2013 (1)
Sketchnotes for GetSatisfaction Conference 2013 (2)
Sketchnotes for GetSatisfaction Conference 2013 (3)
Sketchnotes for GetSatisfaction Conference 2013 (4)
Sketchnotes for GetSatisfaction Conference 2013 (5)

I've started trying to teach sketchnoting to others at Balsamiq so you might see more sketchnotes around here in the future!
Until next time, Ben