Mockups font takes it first steps

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The first version of the Mockups font is now out in 2.1, and I think we have a good start at eliminating the clipping issues we had using Comic Sans on Windows and Chalkboard on the Mac. In case you missed it, you may want to check out the Font FAQ before you decide to update to 2.1.x.

We still have a long way to go, and have a good to do list for things that need improvement. Some characters are rendering poorly below 12pt, our kerning pair metrics are not quite functional in the app, and the baselines are still a little off. We're also missing a few unicode characters that I'm going to add. We'll continue to improve it with incremental releases.

For people looking for a way to get special characters into the app, I created a Mockups Glyph Viewer showing all the glyphs the Mockups font supports in Mockups 2.1 and later. The Mockups glyph viewer is only viewable on Webkit/Safari 3.1 or greater, Google Chrome 4 or greater, Firefox 3.5 or greater, IE4 or greater, and Opera 10 or greater. You can copy / paste characters from that page and insert into a text control in the app.


Again the link to view the glyph viewer is here:

More to come.