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Small feature, big improvement

Inspired by my first and best Mockups for Confluence customer yet (hi Neville!), I just added a small feature to Mockups for Confluence. This 40-second, no-audio screencast should speak for itself:

The task at hand: creating a variation of an existing mockup.

Here's what you had to do before this feature:

  1. Edit the first mockup
  2. Go to "Mockup/Export"
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Go to "Mockup/Discard Changes"
  5. Click on "Yes"
  6. Make sure you don't accidentally overwrite the contents of your clipboard
  7. Create the new mockup
  8. Go to "Mockup/Import"
  9. Paste it
  10. Hit Enter

The steps after the improvement:

  1. Create the new mockup
  2. Go to "Mockup/Import"
  3. Select the previous Mockup
  4. Hit Enter

From 10 steps to 4, I like that!

The nitty-gritty: the 5 mockups that show up in the Import dialog are cached on your local machine, so they'll be different from computer to computer.

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