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Import/Export, new "first time experience"...

Hi it's me again. Today was a good day. I just updated the build with the following:

  • improved "first time experience": when you first open the app you'll see a sample mock-up with some instructions and tips. To see it, do this: select all, delete, reload the page. A mockup like this one should appear:


  • added import/export feature: Export basically gives you an XML representation of the mockup, Import reads such a string and turns it back into a mockup. Why is this important? It enables a number of things: it's now easy to duplicate a mockup, which I think is a common thing people want to do (duplicate then tweak the second to show another step in the user interface - I hate that Gliffy doesn't have this for instance).I chose a human-readable format like XML because proprietary data formats are BAD and open ones are in vogue these days AND enable all sorts of innovation. For instance, someone else could write a converter from my "mockup XML" to MXML or other languages...see where I'm going?

    I like it when a small feature opens up many doors like this.

  • fixed some bugs here and there, added a "paragraph" text control, made some defaults better...I forget what else.

Give it a spin:

As always, if you use it for something real I'd love to see your PNGs!

BTW, I just finished reading (ok really it was more like "devouring") this book - it's required reading, it will change you. It totally confirmed hunches I had and reinforced them.

This is so much fun!

Peldi for the Balsamiq Team

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