Our Short and Mid-Term Feature Roadmap

Hi there, I've written bits of this enough times now that I thought a little blog post about it would be in order. Here's what we're working on RIGHT...
June 2nd, 2010

Bringing a little Balsamiq to Atlassian's #Summit2010

I'm doing some creative visualization about the upcoming Atlassian Summit in San Francisco on June 6. We are sponsoring, and I'll be managing a booth all by myself for...
May 31st, 2010

I tink, therefore, I am. (Sorry, Descartes)

We love people who get stuff done. We are, therefore, extremely proud to sponsor one of the puzzles concocted by Tinkering School at this weekend's Maker Faire. Tinkering School,...
May 19th, 2010

Refresh! My blog, reborn

Ahh, the best-laid plans of mice and bloggers... I had such grand ideas about waxing poetic every day, chronicling what we are learning as a company and my growth...
May 17th, 2010

Employees define company values by designating Matching Funds

Hello everybody, thanks for visiting. I am delighted with our little company's growth, and we have quickly settled into a comfortable rhythm in 3 time zones. Now that we...
March 31st, 2010

And the UXLx Winner is...

The upcoming UXLx Conference (May 12-14 in Lisbon) is a wonderful chance for Usability folks to hear some of our favorite speakers and meet like-minded experts who believe, like...
March 9th, 2010

Our Spring 2010 Travel Plans

Hi everyone. We are all heads down making a TON of progress on all areas of our business: the website, the product, the web app, our internal's awesome....
March 8th, 2010

Mike's 5 Jobs

Hi again. Thanks so much everyone for all the nice words following yesterday's announcement.... we're all super-excited as well! 🙂 In this post we'd like to give you a...
March 2nd, 2010

Michael Angeles Joins Balsamiq

I can barely contain my excitement as I type this, so I'll get right to it: Michael Angeles, the man behind Konigi and one of the people I look...
March 1st, 2010

Happy Birthday, BalsamiqMarco!

I woke up to the news that today was Marco's birthday. He's already logged off for dinner, so we decided to throw him a little virtual surprise party, complete...
February 22nd, 2010

At Balsamiq, Everyone Blogs. Join Us.

The Balsamiq Blog is my third blog. I started in 2003 with Peldi's Little Blog in which I shared sample applications and things that I learned at work about...
February 3rd, 2010

My seat at the Chef's Table

Since college, my job title has gone from Administrative Assistant to Chief Operating Officer. I have seen and learned a great deal, and not just about technology. It's been a wild...
February 2nd, 2010

Luis Arias Joins Balsamiq

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the newest member of the Balsamiq team, monsieur Luis Arias, Web Programmer Extraordinaire. 🙂 If you've been following us for...
January 25th, 2010

Balsamiq Roadmap for 2010

This is part two of a two-part post about what happened in 2009 and our plans for 2010. We did this last year as well, it's becoming somewhat of...
January 3rd, 2010

A look back at 2009

Wow. Just wow. It's hard for me to believe how much has happened in Balsamiq-land in 2009. I feel like a completely different person than when I wrote the...
January 3rd, 2010

Tracking your Company's Mentions with

Hello friends! Today I'd like to share a little trick that might be useful for your company. It's something I saw used at Atlassian and that I've been...
December 20th, 2009

Holiday Reading: Free eBooks and Good Blogs

Hello again! 'Tis the season of giving, and hopefully most of you will have a little more time to do some reading, so I thought this would be a...
December 19th, 2009

An apology

Hi friends. So I made a big mistake today. No, I made a few. I was so excited about the new pan feature that I decided to release it...
December 17th, 2009

Back from San Francisco

Hi all, this is Marco writing. I just got back from the Business of Software conference in San Francisco. This is my trip report. Valerie While Valerie and I...
November 18th, 2009

Free Balsamiq Mockups for UX Training

Hello everyone! 🙂 Did you know that today is World Usability Day 2009? It's a global initiative now in its 4th year, aimed at raising the awareness of the...
November 12th, 2009

YouTube-ing Up a Storm!

Hi all. So we've been travelling quite a bit in the last few months for conferences and such. Aside from learning a lot and sharing what we know, conferences...
November 11th, 2009

Tools we use for running our startup

Hi there. I've been wanting to write this post for a long time, but things were still evolving too much for me to come up with a definite list....
October 30th, 2009

Listen to this blog

Hi there, just a quick post to let you know that you can now listen to the most popular posts on this blog via the new blog-to-podcast service from...
October 23rd, 2009

A little market-y post

Hi there, a quick market-y post to let you know about a few things that happened today: We are sponsoring LessConference, a one-day conference happening in Jacksonville, Florida, on...
September 14th, 2009

Let's meet in person for a change!

Hello friends! Some members of team Balsamiq are going to be attending the following conferences and events this fall: October 4th-7th: Valerie will be in Los Angeles for Adobe...
September 13th, 2009

No weekly release this week, but we've been busy!

Hi there, just a quick note to let you know that we're not going to do a weekly release this week. We've been working on some big features so...
September 9th, 2009

Hello World!

Hello world! As a member of Team Balsamiq for just about 3 months now, I have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and welcoming good wishes from the Mockups community....
July 28th, 2009

Atlassian Summit Trip Report

Last week we participated in the Atlassian Summit, Atlassian's first worldwide conference and Balsamiq's first foray in being a conference sponsor. Below is an account on what happened and...
June 9th, 2009

Please Welcome Valerie Liberty to the Balsamiq Family

Hi everyone. It is with immense pleasure that I get to introduce to you Ms. Valerie Liberty, Balsamiq's #2 employee and "Chief Operating Officer, Wow! Division." I've known Valerie...
May 12th, 2009

Why I haven't been blogging as much

Hi there. If you've been following this blog for a while you already know that lately I haven't been sharing as much as I used to. It's true and...
May 9th, 2009

Show Me Your Wireframes! (my response to Andy Budd)

Hi there. I'm not sure if my comment over at Andy Budd's blog got trapped in a spam filter or what, but since it was pretty long and had...
April 24th, 2009

Gary Vaynerchuk on Passion

Be humble, work HARD, hussle, be patient and passionate about what you do. Be so good they can't ignore you, actually genuinely CARE about your customers, be transparent, take...
April 17th, 2009

Like a kid in a Candy Store

April 15th, 2009

My First Month at Balsamiq Studios

Hi everyone, I'd like to share with all of you my impressions of the first month as Balsamiq employee. It was an exciting, productive, revolutionary, life-changing month. In one...
April 11th, 2009

Video: 14 Web App Tips from Ryan Carson

Hi all. I just finished watching this excellent video of Ryan Carson's FOWA Dublin 2009 talk: I was incredibly surprised to hear Balsamiq mentioned at around minute 14: thank...
April 6th, 2009

999 Followers, or How my Twittering has Changed

Hi there, I thought I'd celebrate my 999th Twitter follower with a little blog post I've wanted to write for a while. Back when I first started using Twitter,...
March 5th, 2009

Atlassian Webinar Video and Slides

Hi there. For those of you who came to the Atlassian Plugin of the Month webinar today, thanks so much for attending! Huge thanks to Oren Teich of Replicate...
March 2nd, 2009

Introducing Marco Botton, Balsamiq's 1st employee

Feeling a great mixture of excitement, pride and trepidation, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Marco Botton, Balsamiq's first full time employee. How did this happen? A...
March 2nd, 2009

Killer Mockups Webinar: Feb 25th, 10:00AM PST

Hi there. I am SO excited I can barely type. The news: I am co-hosting a "Plugin of the Month" Webinar for Atlassian next Wednesday (Feb 25th, 10:00am PST)....
February 19th, 2009

2000 customers

Hi there, just a quick post to record the fact that today marked the 2000th customer of Balsamiq Mockups. That's 2000 monetary transactions, the number of Mockups users could...
February 6th, 2009

My Bookshelf

Hi there, a couple of people have asked me for this so I quickly put together this collage of my home office's bookshelf, as well as my e-books folder....
February 6th, 2009

Sarah Allen joins Balsamiq's Board of Advisers

Sometimes I wonder what I did to get so lucky in life. This is one of those moments. Sarah Allen has agreed to join Balsamiq's already star-studded Board of...
February 5th, 2009
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